General English


  • adjective used to describe material which loses its magnetic effects when removed from a magnetic field
  • adjective used to describe data which is not permanently stored in hardware. Soft usually refers to data stored on magnetic medium.


  • Easy to cut, work, or shape.
  • Having energy that is comparatively lower than hard radiation, as do soft X-rays.
  • Not readily penetrating matter. Said of radiation, such as soft X-rays.
  • That which is flexible, adaptable, or temporary. For example, soft copy, or a soft error.


  • adjective not hard
    to decide to do something which involves least risk, effort or problems

Media Studies

  • adjective dealing with other than serious issues or facts


  • adjective not hard or not resistant to pressure


  • used to describe a wine that is low in tannin or acidity and so is full and gentle on the palate, though this can also result in wine that lacks clarity and definition

Origin & History of “soft”

Soft goes back to a prehistoric west Germanic *samft-, which also produced German sanft ‘gentle, easy, smooth’ and Dutch zacht ‘soft’. It may go back ultimately to the prehistoric base *sōrn- ‘fitting, agreeable’, source of English seem and seemly.