General English

General Science

  • noun the act or means of solving a problem or difficulty
  • noun the answer to or a way of removing a problem or difficulty
  • noun a change of a solid or gas into a liquid by dissolving in water or some other liquid


  • noun a liquid made by dissolving a solid or gas in water or some other fluid

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  • noun a single, homogeneous liquid, solid, or gas phase that is a mixture in which the components (liquid, gas, solid, or combination thereof) are distributed uniformly


  • A liquid solvent in which one or more substances are dissolved.


  • A homogeneous material, usually in the liquid phase, in which one substance, the solute, becomes completely dispersed in another, the solvent. For example, an electrolytic solution may consist of salt, the solute, dissolved in water, the solvent.
  • The state of a solute being dissolved in a solvent to form a solution (1).
  • The answer or approach to a given problem.
  • The processes utilized to arrive at a solution (3).


  • noun a moment when the operator of a guided weapon has the target in sights and the guidance system is activated