General Science


  • verb to get materials or products from a particular place or supplier


  • noun a point where a transmitted signal enters a network.


  • The point or region where something comes into existence, or from which something arrives or is obtained.
  • A point, region, or object where current, power, energy, matter, a signal, or flux is emitted or originates. A sink (1) is where it is absorbed or terminates.
  • In a field effect transistor, the region from which majority carriers flow into the channel, en route to the drain. Also, the electrode attached to this region. Also known as source region, or source electrode.
  • A device, component, apparatus, system, or medium which originates or sends a data signal, or from which data is taken. Also called data source.
  • symbolS


  • noun the substance from which something is obtained


  • noun the person who sends a message

Media Studies

  • noun a person, organisation, book or other text that supplies information or evidence for someone such as a journalist


  • noun an agent or informer who provides intelligence


  • noun a person who gives someone, especially a journalist, some information

Origin & History of “source”

A source is etymologically something that has ‘surged’ up. The word comes from Old French sourse ‘spring’, a noun use of the feminine past participle of sourdre ‘rise, spring’. this in turn was descended from Latin surgere ‘rise’, source of English surge. The notion of the ‘place where a watercourse springs from the ground’ led on naturally to the metaphorical ‘place of origin’.