General English


  • noun a light produced by a sudden electrical discharge
  • verb to suddenly start a process or action

Cars & Driving

  • noun an electric spark that jumps across the sparking plug gap to initiate the combustion of the air/fuel mixture


  • A momentary luminous discharge of electricity between two conductors separated by a gas, which is frequently accompanied by a crackling noise. Used, for instance, for ignition of fuel, or for machining. This contrasts with an arc (1), which has a more sustained duration. Also called spark discharge, sparkover, or electric spark.

Media Studies

  • noun an electrician responsible for lighting on a film shoot


  • verb to incite someone to anger or violence. A vogue term among British adolescents since the 1990s.
  • verb to hit (someone). The term may be based on the phrase spark out, meaning (knocked) unconscious.
  • verb to take drugs, become stoned