General Science

  • noun a detailed description of the composition of something, of what is needed, or of what is involved in doing something


  • noun detailed information about what or who is needed or about a product to be supplied


  • noun a detailed description that sets out what something consists of, what is needed, what is involved, etc.

Cars & Driving

  • noun a detailed technical description of a part, piece of machinery, plan or proposal


  • A detailed and exact statement of particulars, especially a statement prescribing materials, dimensions, and workmanship for something to be built or installed.


  • A detailed statement which describes and defines aspects such as the function, characteristics, design, manner of implementation, and intended capabilities of a component, circuit, device, piece of equipment, system, process, or the like.
  • The act or process of preparing a specification (1).
  • A specification (1) pertaining to hardware, software, or networks. For example, that of a DVD format, or for the transfer of data within a network.
  • A set of requirements. For instance, the power requirements, operational temperatures, intended capabilities, and compatible connectors for a given device.

Media Studies

  • noun detailed instructions regarding information such as font, point size and layout that are sent with material to be typeset and printed

Real Estate

  • noun a detailed description, especially one providing information needed to make, build or produce something


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