• noun a pin or bar which rotates or on which something rotates

Cars & Driving

  • noun a rotating rod that acts as a shaft



  • A small axle on which an object turns.
  • The bar in a lock that connects the knob(s) or handle(s) with the latching mechanism.
  • A short, turned-wood part, such as a baluster.


  • A part, such as a rod or shaft, which serves as an axis or point around which a revolving motion takes place. An example is a capstan. A spindle may also serve to position and hold things, as is the case with the central shaft which holds a phonographic record in place on the platter.
  • The rotating shaft of a hard drive or optical drive, around which a platter or disc revolves.


  • noun a long thin structure
  • noun a structure formed in cells during division to which the chromosomes are attached by their centromeres

Real Estate

  • noun a long thin piece of wood that is shaped somewhat like the spindle of a spinning wheel, e.g. a baluster
  • noun a rotating rod on a device such as a door handle