General English


  • noun a special or small place


  • adjective done immediately
  • noun a place for an advertisement on a TV or radio show
  • noun the buying of something for immediate delivery


  • In gypsum construction, to treat fastener heads with joint compound material. As the fastener sets below the surface of the board, an indentation is formed, allowing a recess, which is filled by spotting.


  • On the spot market.


  • A specified point or comparatively small location or region. For example, a cathode spot, a dead spot, a hot spot, a focal spot, or a recording spot.
  • On a display, such as a CRT, the luminous area created at any given instant by an electron beam.

Media Studies

  • adjective referring to a news report that is broadcast from the place where it happens
  • noun a brief announcement or advertisement inserted between regular radio or television programmes
  • noun a lamp with a narrow, focused beam, concentrating the light on one spot.


  • verb to observe and direct artillery fire (usually from an aircraft)


  • verb to watch someone performing an exercise
  • verb to identify someone, especially a performer, as having a promising talent worthy of being developed to a high, often professional standard

General Science

  • acronym forSystème Probatoire d'Observation de la Terre
    (written as SPOT)

Origin & History of “spot”

Spot may have been borrowed from Low German spot or middle Dutch spotte. these point back to a prehistoric Germanic *sput-, which also produced Norwegian spott ‘speck, spot’. there may also be some connection with Old English splott ‘spot’.