• noun a device used for spreading, e.g. one for spreading granules of fertiliser evenly over a lawn
  • noun an agent added to an insect spray in order to make sure that the foliage is covered uniformly

Cars & Driving

  • noun a hand-held tool used to apply body filler to a damaged area prepared for filling
  • noun a hydraulic jack with ends designed to reach behind dented double panels and to press them back into shape by the hydraulic action of the wedge-shaped ends


  • A piece of wood or metal used to hold the sides of a form apart until the concrete is placed.
  • A brace between two wales.
  • A device for spreading gravel or crushed stone for a pavement base course.
  • A stiffening member used to keep door or window frames in proper alignment during shipment and installation.
  • An additive that increases the surface area over which a given volume of liquid will spread when poured on a solid or other liquid.


  • An object or material, such as a bar or insulator, which helps keep wires or other conductors apart. Used, for instance, to space the conductors of a transmission line separated by air.