General English


  • verb to propel the ball along the ground, typically by deflecting it off an angled bat into the area behind square
    Citation ‘There had not been enough bounce to justify having a short square leg with the old ball; better, we agreed, to stop him squirting a single out on the leg-side’ (Brearley 1982)
    Citation ‘He had got to 365 with a cover drive off Caddick to the boundary. Not for him the nervous squirting of the ball into the gaps for runs which could, in theory, be made more safely’ (R. Mohan, Sportstar [Chennai] 30 April 1994)


  • noun an insignificant, diminutive and/or impudent and annoying individual (usually male). This figurative use of the standard word dates from the mid-19th century. It is not certain whether it originated in British or American speech.
  • noun money, cash, funds. The term is probably based on the idea of a squirt of oil lubricating the system, or a squirt of spirit igniting a fire or engine.