General Science

  • noun an area of temporary storage for data, registers or tasks where items are added and retrieved from the same end of the list
  • noun a very tall industrial chimney, usually containing several flues
  • noun a steep-sided pillar of rock which stands in the sea near a cliff
  • noun a large neat pile of things
  • verb to place things in a neat pile one on top of the other


  • noun a pile of sheaves of grain, hay or straw. Stacks can be round or square.


  • noun a number of aircraft waiting to land at an airport that are circling at different heights
  • verb to put one on top of the other


  • A vertical structure containing one or more flues for the discharge of hot gas.
  • A vertical supply duct in a warm, air-heating system.
  • Any vertical plumbing pipe, such as soil pipe, waste pipe, vent, or leader pipe.
  • A collection of vertical plumbing pipes.
  • To place trusses on framed walls where they will be installed.


  • An orderly pile in which elements are arranged in layers, related groups, or the like. For example, a fuel cell stack, a rectifier stack, a head stack, or a protocol stack. The elements of such a stack may or may not be identical. Also, to arrange in such a stack.
  • A set of registers, memory locations, or other storage areas or units which are ordered in a manner that provides for the handling of data, interrupts, or the like, in a specified order, such as FIFO or LIFO. To push is to add an item to the top of a stack, and to pop is to remove the first item from the top of a stack.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a large and ordered collection of books kept in another area for reference


  • adjective excellent, fantastic. A teenage vogue word of the late 1980s, used as an exclamation of approval or delight. The term spread from the language of hip hop in New york to London aficionados.
  • adjective inferior, negative, ‘no way’, etc. The word, like many similar vogue terms, is also used to mean its virtual opposite
  • verb to crash (a vehicle), destroy. The word is used in this sense throughout the English-speaking world. For skateboarders and schoolchildren since the late 1990s it refers to falling over or tripping up.


  • verb to circle round waiting in turn for permission to land at a busy airport