General English


  • noun an amount of money invested


  • noun a thick wooden post, to which a tree or shrub is attached to keep it upright
  • verb to attach a plant to a stake

Cars & Driving

  • noun a panel beating tool formed like a dolly, but with a shaft attached allowing it to be clamped in a vice


  • A short, pointed piece of wood or metal driven into the ground as a marker or an anchor.
  • The process of marking a work or survey site with stakes.
  • A small anvil, used in working sheet metal, supported by a sharp vertical leg inserted into a hole in a work surface.

Origin & History of “stake”

Stake ‘post’ comes ultimately from the prehistoric Germanic base *stak-, *stek-, *stik- ‘pierce, prick’, which also produced English attach, stick, stockade, etc. It may be that stake ‘wager’ (16th c.) is the same word, alluding to a supposed former practice of putting the object wagered (such as one’s shirt) on a post before the start of the contest.