• noun a person or body that is directly or indirectly involved with a company or organisation and has an interest in ensuring that it is successful


  • noun a person who has an interest in something such as a new environmental policy and is personally affected by how successful it is and how difficult it is to put in place


  • noun a person such as a shareholder, employee, or supplier who has a stake in a business

Information & Library Science

  • noun somebody who has a vested interest in a company‚Äôs success, e.g. shareholders, directors, employers or suppliers


  • noun someone with a personal interest in how something happens
  • noun a person or group of people who have invested in and own part of a business
  • noun a person who holds money impartially, such as money deposited by one of the parties to a wager, until it has to be given it up to another party

Real Estate

  • noun a person or group with a direct interest, involvement or investment in something, e.g. shareholders in a property investment scheme