General English

  • noun a person who starts doing something
  • noun a person who organises the start of something
  • noun the first part of a meal



  • noun a device to start an engine


  • A device used with a ballast to start an electric-discharge lamp.
  • An electric controller used to accelerate a motor from rest to running speed and to stop the motor.


  • That which serves to initiate an event, sequence, process, or the like.
  • A device utilized to start an electric motor, and to accelerate it to its operational speed. Such a starter may be powered, for example, by a battery. Also called electric starter.


  • The first course of a meal
  • A bacterial or fungal culture used to initiate fermentation, and thus flavour development, in fermented foods, e.g. Lactobacillus in milk to make yoghurt, Rhizopus oligosporus in tempeh or the lactic cultures used to replace the microorganisms and enzymes lost during milk pasteurization preparatory to making cheese

Human Resources

  • noun a young person who is starting in a job for the first time.


  • noun someone who gives the signal for a race to start


  • a yeast culture added to grape juice (must) to initiate the fermentation process. Although fermentation would probably occur naturally because of the yeast spores in the air and on the grape skins, a starter culture gives the winemaker greater control over the process.