• noun something said or written which describes or explains something clearly



  • In a high-level language, a syntactic unit which includes one or more operators and one or more operands. A statement generates one more machine language instructions, which in turn direct a computer to perform one or more actions. Also called program statement.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a formal or official account of events


  • noun a formal account of what happened or what was seen at a particular time, given to the police who are investigating a crime
  • noun the presentation of information about something
  • noun an announcement of something in public
  • noun a document that shows the amount of money in a bank account or information about business accounts

Media Studies

  • noun the expression in spoken or written words of something such as a fact, intention or policy, or an instance of this
  • noun a specially prepared announcement or reply that is made public, such as by a politician


  • noun a written document containing information