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  • noun the stationary windings in which electric current is generated; located between drive end and slip ring end fittings, consisting of a stator frame with windings in three circuits to generate three-phase current which is then rectified by diodes.
  • noun a self-contained unit of the magnetic pick-up, consisting of a permanent magnet, an inductive winding and the pick-up core; the stator can be a disc-shaped pole piece with stator tooth or a simple pole piece
  • noun a wheel with curved blades (sometimes adjustable) mounted on a one-way clutch; it serves as a reaction member, i.e. it multiplies the torque output of the turbine by increasing the momentum of the fluid flow acting on the latter.


  • In an electrical and/or mechanical component, device, apparatus, or machine, a member which is stationary. For example, the stationary part or windings of a motor, the stationary plates of a variable capacitor, or the fixed contacts of a rotary switch. A rotating part in such a component, device, apparatus, or machine is a rotor.