General English

  • noun a man who looks after passengers, and serves meals or drinks on a ship, aircraft, train or in a club
  • noun a person who organises public events such as races etc.


  • noun a male member of airline staff who look after passengers during the flight.


  • noun a man who serves drinks or food on a ship or plane


  • noun somebody who looks after passengers and serves drinks and food on a ship, plane, or other vehicle, or a similar person who deals with guests in a club, restaurant, hotel, etc.

Origin & History of “steward”

A steward is etymologically someone ‘in charge of a sty’. Its Old English ancestor stigweard was a compound formed from stig ‘hall, house’ (a relative, if not the direct ancestor, of English sty ‘dwelling for pigs’) and weard ‘guardian, keeper’ – hence ‘keeper of the hall’.