General English

General Science

  • noun a place where something is kept until needed


  • noun a supply of something kept for future use


  • verb to put away for future use


  • noun a place where goods are kept
  • noun a quantity of items or materials kept because they will be needed


  • noun memory or the part of a computer system in which data or programs are kept for further use
  • verb to save data, which can then be used again as necessary


  • To place, replenish, or retain in storage. Also, a location or object which serves for such storage.


  • A designated room, cupboard, refrigerator or freezer where foods are kept in their purchased or partially processed condition prior to use

Information & Library Science

  • noun a place where items can be kept until needed
  • verb to place items into safe keeping


  • noun a large shop


  • noun a quantity of things, which are kept for future use
  • noun a place used for storing things


  • noun a supply of food or other materials kept for later use

Origin & History of “store”

Store is a shortened version of the now defunct astor ‘supplies, stock of provisions’. this was borrowed from Old French estor, a derivative of estorer ‘build, restore, furnish, stock’, which in turn came from Latin instaurāre ‘renew, repair, restore’ (source also of English restaurant and restore, and possible relative of Greek stavrós ‘stake, pale’). The use of store for ‘shop’ arose in American English in the early 18th century.