General English

  • noun a description that tells things that did not really happen but are invented by someone
  • noun a description that tells what really happened


  • That part of a building between the upper surface of a floor and the upper surface of the floor above. building codes differ in designations applied when a part of a story is below grade.
  • A major division in the height of a building even when created by architectural features, such as windows, rather than horizontal divisions. For example, an area may be two stories high.

Media Studies

  • noun a report in the news of something that has happened
  • noun a subject or material for a news report

Origin & History of “story”

Story comes via Anglo-Norman estorie from Latin historia ‘account of events, narrative, history’ (source also of English history and storey). It originally retained the senses ‘factual account of past events’ and ‘past events in general’, but since the 17th century these have gradually been taken over by history, and the use of story has been concentrated more on ‘fictional narratives’.