Strange Interlude



  • A nine-act drama that earned Eugene O'Neill his thirdPulitzer Prize. It was first produced in 1928 by the Theatre Guildin its Guild Theatre, New York. The production starred Lynn Fontanne,who played with "power, concentrated aggression, and magnetism",according to the critic Brooks Atkinson. In the play O'Neill presentsa psychological portrait of Nina Leeds, who enacts the 'seven agesof woman': daughter, fiancĂ©e, wife, adulteress, mother, widow,and child once more. He often freezes the action on stage to allowNina and the other characters to deliver asides or soliloquies thatexplain their motivation. In Nina's case, this is primarily a searchfor love and acceptance. In the end, Nina regards her experienceswith wonder:
    Strange interlude! Yes, our lives are merely strange darkinterludes in the electrical display of God the Father!