Strange's Men



  • An Elizabethan theater company that possibly included the youngShakespeare amongst its members. With Lord Strange as its patron,the company toured the provinces before making an appearance at court in 1582.Lord Strange's father also had a company at this time, a fact thathas caused confusion for theatrical historians. Strange's Men, whoincluded such leading actors as Richard Burbage and William Sly, performedworks by Shakespeare, Marlowe, and Robert Greene, amongst others.As was the usual practice of the time, Strange's Men would performwith actors from other companies in public theaters. They joined theAdmiral's Men for performances in 1590 - 91 at the Theatre andin 1592 - 93 at the Rose, where they may have performed Shakespeare'sThe comedy of Errors and the first part of Henry VI.They also produced several plays now lost, including Titus andVespasian (1592), which may have been the prototype for Shakespeare'sTitus Andronicus, and Richard Tarlton's The Seven DeadlySins. When Strange's Men returned to the provinces after 1594,several of its members decided to stay in London and form a new troupe,the Chamberlain's Men. The company's founding members includedRichard Burbage and William Shakespeare.