General English

General Science

  • noun a narrow and shallow river



  • noun a long flow of serial data


  • A flow of data from a source to a destination, such as that between nodes in a network, or from a disk to RAM.
  • A stream (1) which occurs in an uninterrupted manner over a communications channel. Also called data stream.
  • The data being transmitted during streaming.
  • A steady flow. Also, to produce a steady flow, or to flow in a steady manner.

Media Studies

  • noun a video or audio broadcast made via the Internet or a computer network in real time
  • verb to broadcast video, audio etc. material via the Internet or a computer network in real time


  • noun a mass of things such as people or traffic, all going in the same direction


  • noun a small flow of water, a small river

Origin & History of “stream”

A stream is etymologically something that ‘flows’. The word comes from a prehistoric Germanic *straumaz (source also of German strom, Dutch stroom, Swedish ström, and Danish strøm). this in turn was derived from the Indo-European base *sreu- ‘flow’, which has also given English catarrh, diarrhoea, and rheumatism. Non-Germanic relatives of stream include polish strumyk ‘brook’ and Sanskrit srotas- ‘stream’.