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  • noun the mating part of door lock or bonnet latch mechanism which is secured to the body; the striker itself has no mechanism and provides only the anchor for the door or bonnet latch; typical strikers are stud or U-shaped


  • noun an employee who is on strike



  • noun the batsman who is facing the bowling, as distinguished from the batsman at the bowler’s end (the ‘non-striker’); the batsman who is ‘on strike’
    Citation ‘When the ball is hit in front of the wicket the striker calls’ (Ranjitsinhji 1897)
  • noun either of the two batsmen at the wicket
    Citation ‘When the Ball is hit up, either of the Strikers may hinder the catch in his running Ground’ (Laws 1744)


  • noun an attacking player in a football team whose main role is to score goals