General English


  • noun an act of examining something carefully
  • verb to examine something carefully


  • The programming phase of facility planning that precedes building design.

Human Resources

  • noun learning something from books or from attending classes

Information & Library Science

  • verb to learn about something by spending time reading about it and listening to experts

Real Estate

  • noun a room used for work that involves reading, thinking or writing

Origin & History of “study”

Study comes via Old French estudie from Latin studium ‘eagerness, intense application’, hence ‘application to learning’ (English studio (19th c.) comes from the same ultimate source, only via Italian). Studium in turn was derived from the verb studēre ‘be eager, study’ (source of English student (15th c.)). this probably went back ultimately to the Indo-European base *steud-, *teud- ‘hit’, which also produced Latin tundere ‘hit’ (source of English contusion and obtuse) and German stossen ‘shove, hit’ – the underlying notion of study thus being the ‘application of extreme effort’.