General English


  • Sawn timber.


  • verb to put stuffing inside meat, fish or vegetables and cook and serve them together as a special dish


  • verb to put invalid ballot papers into a ballot box to affect the result of an election


  • verb to have sex (with). The verb has very seldom been used in the active or transitive form since the 19th century (and it was never common). The abusive exclamation ‘get stuffed’ is its main legacy.

Origin & History of “stuff”

Stuff is ultimately the same word as stop. It comes via Old French estoffer and prehistoric Germanic *stopfōn, earlier *stoppōn (source of English stop), from late Latin stuppāre ‘plug, stop up’. this originally denoted literally ‘stop up a hole with a plug of coarse fibres’, for it was derived from Latin stuppa ‘coarse fibres, tow’, a borrowing from Greek stúppē. The noun stuff comes from Old French estoffe ‘provisions’, a derivative of estoffer.