General English


  • noun one of the three upright wooden rods which, with the two bails laid across their tops, form one of the two wickets used in a game of cricket
    Citation ‘“A good ball, Mr Trueman” they would say when their stumps went cartwheeling. “Aye” he would reply, “And it were bloody wasted on thee”’ (cited by Stephen Chalke, Cricinfo Magazine August 2006)
  • verb (of the wicket-keeper) to dismiss the striker by putting down his wicket if he is out of his ground when receiving a ball from the bowler
    Citation ‘If the Striker should move off his ground … the Wicket-Keeper will then do his best, and endeavour to put down the wicket, which is called stumping out’ (Lambert 1816)
    Citation ‘First ball after lunch, exit Mohammad Yousuf, beautifully stumped, after the third umpire had been consulted’ (Kevin Mitchell, Observer 30 July 2006)


  • A northern vegetable purée made from a combination of carrots, swedes and potatoes mashed with milk, butter and seasoning


  • noun a short piece of a limb which is left after the rest has been amputated


  • verb to campaign for election to a public office


  • noun each of the three upright posts that form part of the wicket