General English

  • noun a way of doing something, especially a way of designing, drawing or writing
  • noun a fashionable way of doing things


  • noun the elongated structure that carries the stigma at its tip in many flowers


  • noun a way of doing or making something


Information & Library Science

  • noun the way in which a particular writer or editor uses words, sentences and layout to produce a recognisable publication

Media Studies

  • noun a set of guidelines for a particular publication regarding ‘house rules’ on punctuation, grammar and spelling


  • the particular quality of a wine that derives from the grape variety, place of origin or ‘terroir’, or the manner of production

Origin & History of “style”

Style comes via Old French stile from Latin stilus, which denoted a ‘pointed writing instrument’. It came to be used metaphorically for ‘something written’, and hence for ‘manner of writing’. The spelling with y instead of i arose from the misapprehension that the word was of Greek origin. It also invaded stylus (18th c.), which was acquired directly from Latin.