General Science

  • noun a thing used in place of another


  • adjective taking the place of another person or thing
  • verb to take the place of someone or something else


  • noun a player who takes the field in place of another who, in the course of the game, has left the field owing to illness, injury, or (more controversially) for no obvious reason
    Citation ‘Pratt’s moment came in the Trent Bridge Test when, late on the Saturday – acting as a substitute for the injured Simon Jones – he ran out Ponting with a superb pick-up and throw from cover’ (Stephen Moss, Wisden 2006)


  • verb to takes the place of someone or something else, or to put one person or thing in the place of another

Information & Library Science

  • verb to put or use something in the place of something else


  • noun somebody or something which takes the place of someone or something else


  • noun a motion introduced in place of the business being discussed, which has the effect of killing the original motion


  • noun a person or thing which takes the place of somebody or something else


  • noun a player brought onto the field during a team game to replace a player who has left the field through injury

General English

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