General Science

  • noun the matter or surface on which an organism lives

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  • An underlying material that supports or is bonded to another material on its surface.


  • The base layer, or other surface upon which something is deposited, etched, attached, or otherwise prepared or fabricated. A substrate also provides physical support and insulation. For example, the base film of a magnetic tape, or the plastic base of a compact disc.
  • A substrate (1) utilized in the manufacturing of circuits and microcircuits. Such a substrate may be made, for instance, of ceramic, plastic, glass, or a semiconductor material. An active substrate has active elements, such as transistors, formed directly on it, while passive substrates have components mounted upon them.


  • noun a substance that is acted on by a catalyst such as an enzyme


  • noun a surface on which text or illustrations are printed
  • noun card or board used for making boxes