General Science

  • verb to spend the summer in a place


  • noun the season following spring and before autumn, when the weather is warmest, the sun is highest in the sky and most plants flower and set seed


  • A horizontal beam supporting floor joists or a wall of a superstructure.
  • Any heavy timber that serves as a bearing surface.
  • A lintel of a door or window.
  • A stone set on a column as a support for construction above, such as a base for a column-supported arch.

Real Estate

  • noun a principal horizontal beam in a building used to support floor joists.
  • noun a stone that lies on top of a pier, column or wall and supports one or more arches


  • noun the warmest season of the year following spring, when plants begin to make fruit


  • synonymsumming circuit
  • synonymsumming amplifier
  • An amplifier whose output is proportional to the sum of two or more inputs. Also called summer (2).

Origin & History of “summer”

Summer is a general Germanic word, with relatives in German and Danish sommer, Dutch zomer, and Swedish sommar. It goes back ultimately to an Indo-European base *sem-, which also produced Welsh haf ‘summer’ and Sanskrit sámā ‘year, season’.