General English

General Science

  • verb to add to something in order to make it more complete


  • noun an angle or arc that, when added to a given angle or arc, makes 180° or a semicircle


  • noun a substance with a specific nutritional value taken to make up for a real or supposed deficiency in diet
  • noun a substance added to improve the nutritional content of a diet or foodstuff


  • noun a special addition to a magazine or newspaper which is given free to customers


  • noun any extra nutrients that are taken to help a specific condition when someone is not getting all they need from their food
  • noun a pill or product regarded as helpful in improving health that can be bought without a prescription. Supplements are not tested in the same way as prescription drugs.
  • verb to add on or increase above what is taken usually


  • noun material printed at the back of a book
  • noun an extra volume or section in a reference book, containing new material which is not in the main text
  • noun a special extra section of a newspaper, usually on a special subject


  • noun something which is in addition to something else, especially an additional charge