General Science

  • noun the act or process of providing something that is needed


  • noun the amount of something available for use


  • noun stock of something which is needed


  • noun the process of providing goods, products or services
  • verb to provide something which is needed and for which someone will pay


  • noun the quantity of a good or service which is needed and is available for sale
  • verb to provide a purchaser with a good or service


  • To make something available for use, to equip, or to provide sufficiently for. Also, that which is supplied, or is available for supplying. Also, such an act of supplying.
  • A source of power or electricity. For example, a power line or battery. Also called power supply (1).
  • A source of power for electronic components, circuits, devices, equipment, or systems. Such sources include batteries and power packs. Also called electronic power supply, or power supply (2).

Information & Library Science

  • verb to provide, give or sell something to somebody


  • noun the act of selling or making available something that is wanted or needed
  • verb to sell or make something available, especially something illegal such as drugs


  • noun a quantity of equipment, materiel, etc., which is available for use
  • verb to provide a person or group with the things they need


  • noun the amount of something which is available to be used

Origin & History of “supply”

Latin supplēre meant ‘fill up, complete’. It was a compound verb formed from the prefix sub- ‘under, from below’, hence ‘up’, and plēre ‘fill’ (source of English accomplish, complete, etc). The sense ‘provide’ evolved via the notion of ‘making good a deficiency, fulfilling a need’.

The original meaning is better preserved in supplement (14th c.), whose Latin ancestor supplēmentum was derived from supplēre.