surround sound



  • An audio experience in which the listener feels as if surrounded by voices, music, special effects, and other sounds which accompany that which is being viewed on a TV, at a movie theater, or the like. In a home theater system, for instance, there may be six channels, a left front channel, a left rear channel, a center channel, a right front channel, a right rear channel, and that which drives a subwoofer. Surround sound may also be digitally simulated using two channels and two speakers.
  • A multiple-channel sound format, such as Dolby surround, which is digitally encoded to provide surround sound (1).
  • Said of a component, device, or system which supports or provides surround sound (1).

Media Studies

  • noun a system of recording and reproducing sound that uses three or more channels and speakers in order to create the effect of the listener being surrounded by sound sources.