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  • noun a type of seal used along moving surfaces, e.g. door windows, that is often provided with a lip to ensure sealing.


  • noun a deep fielder who patrols a large area close to the boundary, in the region either of cover or of mid-wicket; the term borrowed from the vocabulary of soccer, in which a sweeper is a player who ‘sweeps’ the whole area behind the backs as an extra line of defence
    Citation ‘Lewis assiduously adjusted his field, brought in the leg-side sweeper to save one, then inexplicably dropped the next ball short’ (Alan Lee, The Times 19 April 1994)
    Citation ‘Rather like Allan Border at the Gabba nineteen years ago when he made room for Botham’s last Ashes hundred, Ponting eschewed catchers, posted sweepers, and seemed happy simply to quell a riot’ (Haigh 2005)