• noun central point in a telephone system, where all lines meet


  • A large panel, frame, or assembly with switches, overcurrent and other protective devices, fuses, and instruments mounted on the face and/or back. Switchboards are usually accessible from front or rear and are not intended to be mounted in cabinets.


  • A piece of equipment that serves to manually or automatically connect telephone extensions, lines and/or trunks. Examples include private branch exchanges, and telephone exchanges. Also called telephone switchboard.
  • One or more panels which incorporate the switches, circuit-breakers, fuses, and the like, utilized to monitor and operate electric equipment. Also called electric switchboard.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a central control unit for a telephone system within an organisation, from which calls can be redirected to extension lines

Real Estate

  • noun one or more insulating panels containing the electrical devices and instruments, e.g. switches, circuit breakers, fuses and meters, required to operate electrical equipment