General English

General Science

  • noun an arrangement of things or phenomena that act together
  • noun a group of hardware or software components that work together
  • noun a way of classifying something scientifically


  • noun an arrangement or organisation of things which work together


  • noun a group of interdependent parts forming and operating as a whole


  • noun any group of hardware, software, peripherals, etc., that work together


  • A set of interrelated and/or interdependent components which form a complex whole serving for one or more purposes or functions. There are countless examples, including control, sound, expert, radar, alarm, computer, carrier, biometric, and satellite systems.
  • A system (1) incorporating components which are mechanical, electrical, electronic, magnetic, optical, and so on, or any combination of these. For instance, electromechanical, optoelectronic, or magnetohydrodynamic systems.
  • A set of objects, entities, characteristics, phenomena, or rules, utilized to describe, classify, organize, compare, or analyze. For example, a system which enables the precise specification and comparison of colors, a scale which allows the classification of materials according to their resistance to scratching or denting, a coordinate system, or a quantum system.
  • A set of related objects, entities, characteristics, or phenomena, which occur naturally, such as a solar system.
  • A set of components, including equipment, media, and channels, which incorporate all that is necessary for any form of communication from one or more points to others. For example, telephone, TV, or radio systems, computer networks, and so on.
  • The complete complement of components required for a computer to function. These include the CPU, keyboard, mouse, monitor, memory, storage mediums, cables, and so on, which comprise the hardware of the computer itself, plus any necessary peripheral devices. In addition, a computer system incorporates the operating system. Also called computer system.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a set of rules or plans which are used to accomplish a task


  • noun the arrangement of particular parts of the body so that they work together


  • noun a particular way of doing things

Origin & History of “system”

A system is etymologically something that is ‘brought together’. The word comes via French système and late Latin systēma from Greek sústēma ‘combined or organized whole, formed from many parts’. this was a derivative of sunistánai ‘bring together, combine’, a compound verb formed from the prefix sun-‘together’ and histánai ‘cause to stand’ (a relative of English stand).