T(homas) W(illiam) Robertson



  • (1829 - 71) British playwright, who introduced a new naturalismto the London stage in the 1860s. Robertson came from a large theatricalfamily; his 21 brothers and sisters included the future Madge Kendal.As a child he appeared on stage with his father, and subsequentlywrote songs and plays and worked as a stage manager. His first successas a playwright came with his adaptation of David Garrick,produced at the Haymarket in 1864. Society (1865) proveda great popular success when produced at the Prince of Wales Theatreby the Bancrofts; the first of his realist plays, it establishedthe genre of cup-and-saucer drama. Robertson wrote 22 playsin all, the most famous being Caste (1867). see alsoshortest titles.