General English


  • noun
    (written as T+)
    an expression of the number of days allowed for settlement of a transaction

Cars & Driving

  • abbreviation
    (written as T)
    a letter on the sidewall of a tyre denoting the maximum speed for which it is designed (190 km/h or 118 mph).


  • (written as t)
    symbol for tonne, or metric ton.
  • (written as T)
    Symbol for temperature, or thermodynamic temperature.
  • (written as T)
    Shaped in the approximate form of a capital letter T, as is the case of a T junction. Also spelled tee.


  • A fufu-like staple from mali and Burkina Faso made from millet, maize or sorghum flour


  • noun
    (written as T)
    marihuana. An alternative form of tea.