General English

General Science

  • noun a key that moves a printing head or cursor a preset distance along a line


  • noun the hinged rear part of flight control surface used for trimming

Cars & Driving

  • noun a small projecting part as on a tab washer, or on a gasket where it engages with another seal
  • noun not a continuous flange as provided at the top mounting of a wing, but a short flange section to provide localized fitting of one panel to another


  • verb to tabulate or to arrange text in columns with the cursor automatically running from one column to the next in keyboarding
  • acronym fortabulate
    (written as TAB)


  • To move from one tab stop to the next, or through successive tab stops.
  • In a GUI, one of multiple buttons, segments, or the like, which is selectable by clicking on it with the mouse or other pointing device, when two or more menu choices are available. Such tabs serve, for instance, to subdivide categories of options.
  • acronym fortape automated bonding
    (written as TAB)


  • noun a small coloured patch worn on each side of the collar
  • verb to go on foot


  • noun a small piece of paper attached to a sheet or card to draw attention to something


  • noun a tablet, specifically a tablet or dose of the drug LSD, from the jargon of users in the late 1960s and 1970s
  • noun a cigarette. The word, probably from ‘tab-end’, appeared in northern British usage before World War II but, since its use in Viz comic from the 1980s, has been used in other regions, mainly by adolescents.


  • acronym fortax anticipation bill
    (written as TAB)


  • acronym forTAB vaccine
    (written as TAB)
  • acronym fortyphoid-paratyphoid A and B
    (written as TAB)
  • noun a vaccine which immunises against typhoid fever and paratyphoid A and B


  • abbreviation fortabulator