take off


General English

  • phrasal verb to remove something, especially your clothes
  • phrasal verb to make an amount smaller
  • phrasal verb to imitate someone in a funny way



  • (written as take-off)
    The process in which detailed lists are compiled, based on drawings and specifications, of all the material and equipment necessary to construct a project. The cost estimator uses this list to calculate how much it will cost to build the project.
  • (written as take-off)
    The activity of determining quantities from drawings and specifications. See also quantity survey.
  • (written as take-off)
    The actual quantity lists.


  • noun
    (written as take-off)
    the next-to-last stage in the economic development of a country where it becomes capable of prolonged growth in per capita income


  • noun
    (written as take-off)
    an action of an aircraft taking off from the ground


  • verb to start to rise from the ground into the air