General English

  • verb to go with someone or something to another place
  • verb to go away with something which someone else was using
  • verb to use or occupy something
  • verb to accept something
  • verb to need a certain amount of time or number of people



  • verb to grow successfully


  • verb to receive or to get
  • verb to perform an action

Information & Library Science

  • verb to move something physically from one place to another

Media Studies

  • noun a repetition of the same shot when filming, because the previous one was not satisfactory for some reason
  • noun a single uninterrupted session in which a work or section of a work is recorded by audio recording equipment
  • noun a page or number of pages that are part of a larger article


  • verb to swallow a medicine
  • verb to do particular actions
  • verb to be accepted by the body


  • noun part of a large job given to a compositor to set


  • noun money received from customers in a shop, restaurant, etc.
  • verb to eat or to drink usually

Origin & History of “take”

Take was borrowed from Old Norse taka, whose modern descendants include Swedish taga and Danish tage. Now defunct relatives include middle Dutch tāken ‘seize’ and Gothic tekan ‘touch’, and its ancestral meaning is probably ‘lay hands on’, but its ultimate origins are not known.