General English


  • noun a pipe with a handle that can be turned to make a liquid or gas come out of a container
  • verb to remove or drain liquid from something


  • verb to get finance by borrowing from investors, lenders, etc.

Cars & Driving

  • noun a tool used to cut inside threads, e.g. in a hole.


  • A connection to a water supply.
  • A tool used to cut internal threads.
  • To cut internal threads in a nut or hole.


  • A connection made to a component, circuit, bus, or the like, at a point other than an end. Also, to make such a connection. 2. A tap (1) utilized to connect a node to a network.
  • A device that cuts internal threads, such as those of a screw. Also, to make such cuts.
  • A concealed device which serves to surreptitiously intercept a communication, especially a telephonic conversation. Also called wiretap (1).
  • To install a tap (4), or make such a connection. Also called wiretap (2).
  • To monitor and/or record a communication using a tap (4). Also called wiretap (3).
  • (written as TAP)
    Same as TAP protocol. Abbreviation of Telelocator alphanumeric protocol.


  • noun a surgical procedure to drain off body fluid with a hollow needle or a tube
  • verb to remove or drain liquid from part of the body.
  • verb to hit someone or something lightly


  • adjective physically attractive, handsome, usually of a male. An expression used on campus in the USA since around 2000. The same term was recorded in Nigeria in 2003.
  • verb to borrow or seek to borrow from (someone). To tap meant to spend liberally in archaic slang; by the early 20th century it had acquired the second sense of to solicit, borrow or obtain. The origin of the term is in the tapping of liquid from a container, reinforced by tapping someone on the shoulder to gain their attention and the later slang sense of ‘hitting’ someone for a loan. Tap is in international English, while the full form tap up is in British usage.


  • noun an apparatus with a twisting knob or lever and a valve which allows liquid to come out of a pipe or container


  • to draw off wine from a barrel by means of a tap