General English


  • A flexible measuring strip of fabric or steel marked off with lines similar to the scale of a carpenter's rule, usually contained in a case to allow rewinding or retracting after use.
  • One of a number of adhesive-backed fabric or paper strips of assorted width used for various purposes within construction systems.


  • A narrow and flexible strip of a material such as plastic, paper, metal, or cloth. For example, electrical tape, magnetic tape, or fish tape.
  • A stripe or band of a material utilized for tape recording. Such a tape usually consists of a strip of plastic, paper, or metal which is coated or impregnated with a magnetizable material such as iron oxide particles. Such a tape may be utilized to make analog or digital recordings of data, audio, and/or video. Also called magnetic tape, or recording tape (1).
  • A length, reel, cassette, cartridge, or the like, of tape (2).
  • A tape (2) or tape (3) which has been recorded upon.
  • The process or act of recording upon a tape (2).

Information & Library Science

  • noun a narrow strip of plastic, coated with magnetic material on which to record sound or pictures

Media Studies

  • noun magnetic tape used in cassettes
  • noun a cassette used for audio or video recording or playback
  • verb to record something, especially music or a television programme, on magnetic tape


  • noun a long thin flat piece of material


  • noun a strip of fabric or plastic, used to bind objects together or as a marker or for other purposes