• noun a member of a youth cult of the 1950s characterised by a particular style of dress (a long drape or waisted jacket worn with drainpipe trousers and thick crepe-soled brothel-creeper shoes) and music (jitterbug from about 1948, rock ā€™nā€™ roll from 1956). Teddy boys, mainly working class in origin, combined a rough simulacrum of Edwardian dress (hence their name: they were sometimes jocularly referred to as Edwardians) with the adoption of American teenage hairstyles and music.
  • noun the penis. Rhyming slang from Teddington Lock: cock, recorded by Viz comic in 2002. It is a synonym for Hampton Wick (the next-door Thames-side community).


  • acronym forthrombo-embolic deterrent stocking
    (written as TED)
  • noun a support stocking to prevent thrombus formation following surgery.