• noun a system of sending messages along wires


  • noun a scoreboard
    Citation ‘The telegraph is generally about ten feet in height and the upper portion, or face, is provided with grooves into which iron plates of about a foot square are inserted’ (Box 1868)
    Citation ‘Half-past six chimed, and two hundred and fifty went up on the telegraph board’ (P.G.Wodehouse, Mike 1909)


  • An obsolescent communication system in which a signal code, such as Morse code, is utilized to send messages to remote locations. Such a system usually uses connected wires, but may alternatively utilize radio waves for transmission. Also called telegraph system.
  • To transmit a message using a telegraph (1).
  • synonymtelegram
  • A message sent via telegraph (1). Its abbreviation is tel. Also called telegraph (3).

Media Studies

  • verb to send a message to somebody by telegraph

Information & Library Science

  • noun a message sent by telegraphy and then printed on to paper and delivered