General English


  • noun a machine used for speaking to someone or communicating with another computer using a modem over a long distance


  • A device which is utilized to send and receive signals via telephony (1). Such a set may consist, for instance, of a telephone handset, a switchhook, and the appropriate circuits and devices required for signaling, switching, and so on. Also called telephone set. Telephone may also refer to a device, apparatus, or system which incorporated these functions, such as a computer or a fax.
  • synonymtelephony

Information & Library Science

  • noun an instrument which can be used to talk to somebody over a long distance by means of dialling a series of numbers
  • verb to make contact with somebody at a distance by using a telephone

Media Studies

  • noun an electronic apparatus containing a receiver and transmitter that is connected to a telecommunications system, enabling the user to speak to and hear others with similar equipment
  • noun a system of communication using telephones


  • noun a machine used for speaking to someone who is a long way away