General English

General Science

  • noun a plastic or metal object used as a pattern for drawing or cutting shapes
  • noun a file containing a standard text such as a standard letter or invoice into which specific details can be added

Cars & Driving

  • noun a thin metal or card sheet, used as a pattern for cutting pieces of wood, metal, etc. to an exact shape


  • A thin plate or board frame used as a guide in positioning or spacing form parts, reinforcement, or anchors.
  • A full size mold, pattern, or frame shaped to serve as a guide in forming or testing contour or shape.
  • A member of stone, metal or wood that is embedded in a wall in order to support a horizontal member or beam to distribute the load.


  • A pattern or design usually cut out of a metal or plastic plate or sheet, which is used as a guide for shaping, drawing, carving, or the like. Such patterns or designs may also be available or otherwise prepared via computer applications. Used, for instance, to help in preparing circuit diagrams or flowcharts.
  • An overlay usually made of plastic or cardboard which is placed over a computer keyboard, or a part of one, which labels or describes the functions of keys within a given application.
  • A predefined layout which serves as the basis for a document, such as a monthly report prepared utilizing a word processing application, or that composing a Web page. A style sheet specifies parameters such as page size, margins, headers, footers, fonts, hyperlinks, and so on. Also called style sheet.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a thin sheet of metal or plastic with cut-out shapes which enable exactly the same shape to be reproduced many times


  • noun a simple mathematical instrument for working out the danger area for a field firing range, consisting of a thin piece of plastic cut to specific angles and measurements
  • noun a range danger area, marked on a map by means of a template


  • noun any document which is used as a guide for designing new documents, showing which elements should be included and where

Real Estate

  • noun a short beam of metal, wood, or stone used to distribute weight or pressure in a structure