Théâtre de l' Atelier



  • A theater in Paris near the Montmartre district. It openedin 1822 as the Théâtre des élèves, specializingin melodrama and vaudeville; it was later converted into a cinema.In 1922 the actor, director, and producer Charles Dullin (1885 - 1949)took it over as a home for the avant-garde company he had formed threeyears earlier. The theater's reputation grew as Dullin presented thefirst French production of a play by Pirandello and works by suchdramatists as Marcel Achard and Jean Cocteau, including the latter'sAntigone in 1922. Dullin also ran a drama school in the theaterthat provided one of France's best training grounds for actors.

    Louis Jouvet (1887 - 1951) also directed works at thetheater. André Barsacq (1909 - 73), who began his careerat the Atelier under Dullin, succeeded him as manager after WorldWar II.