Théâtre Libre



  • A private theater founded in Paris in 1887 by AndréAntoine (1858 - 1943) to present contemporary works of naturalism.Antoine, who was much influenced by the work of Ibsen, producedthe first French version of Ghosts at the theater, playingthe role of Oswald Alving himself. Other Ibsen plays were produced,as well as works by Hauptmann and Strindberg, and adaptations of Zola'snaturalistic novels. The Théâtre Libre became a rallyingpoint for the 'plays of ideas' of young French playwrights such asGeorges de Porto-Riche (1849 - 1930), Henri Lavedan (1859 - 1940),and Eugène Brieux (1858 - 1932). It was not a great financialsuccess and closed in 1896. see also comédie rosse.