The American Dream



  • A one-act play by Edward Albee, first performed in1961 in New York. It takes a satirical look at the tensions underlyingeveryday middle-class family life in America. Set in an average living-room,the plot centres on Mommy, daddy, and Grandma. The latter fearfullyawaits the arrival of the "van man", who will one daycome and take her away. A visit by Mrs barker, chairman of a woman'sclub, reminds Grandma that 20 years ago this same woman brought Mommyand Daddy a bundle of joy from the Bye Bye Adoption Agency. This childwas unloved and soon died. After Mrs Barker leaves, a handsome youngman (the American Dream) appears seeking work. He tells Grandma thathe is incomplete, having no emotions since being separated at birthfrom his identical twin brother. When Mrs Barker returns, Grandmatells her to pretend that the American Dream is Mommy and Daddy'sadopted child, now grown up. This pleases everyone, but Mommy hasa funny feeling that the young man somehow seems familiar.