The Bankrupt



  • A play by the Russian dramatist Alexander Ostrovskythat was banned for 13 years because it offended the traders of Moscow.Written when the author was 25 years old, it was first performed in1849 at the Maly Theatre, Moscow and caused an immediate outcry with itsexposure of bogus bankruptcies among the city's merchants. It was laterrenamed It's All in the Family, sometimes also translated as It'sA Family Affair, We'll Settle It Among Ourselves.

    The Bankrupt was among the plays that led to Ostrovskybeing nicknamed the Balzac of the Muscovite Merchant. Italso resulted in him being dismissed from the civil service and placedunder police supervision. Although the play could not be performed,it circulated in manuscript form and became well known.

    All the characters in the play...are first-rate villains.The dialogue is filthy. The entire play is an insult to the Russianmerchant class.
    Censor's report on Ostrovsky's The Bankrupt